How to Create a Marketing Strategy for a New e-Commerce Website?

You have an eCommerce website, you have the products, the suitable content, your website looks amazing. Everything is in place but no orders, no traffic.

You just need to make a good marketing strategy. After all, Marketing really pays off and will make the wheel starts running.

You should follow those seven steps to know how to create a suitable marketing strategy for your eCommerce website.

Step no.1,

You need to focus on a specific niche or segment. You don’t want to create a website that sells everything, because you might not be able to compete with such websites like Amazon, Souq, or Jumia. Even if you try, you’re going to fail badly. They will outdo you on pricing, user experience, shipping, and everything else. You need an advantage over them, you can focus on a niche and have the best product within that category. It’s also easier to do Ads when you’re in a niche.

Example: Dream 2000 Stores, specializing only in selling technology products.

Step no.2,

Create a unique selling proposition “USP”. Which is the one thing that makes your business better than the competition. First, you need to ask yourself a question “Why should people buy from you?”.

For example, the spread of coronavirus made people afraid to go out of their homes. Breadfast started to deliver goods from supermarkets and pharmacies right to their customers’ doorsteps even though, Breadfast was only specialized in bread only. Later Talabat and many more competitors started doing the same thing.



So, if you’re only selling mobile covers and focusing on your USP only. You can surely make a profit, just by making an amazing video to clarify what makes you better than your competitors, and you can use Facebook Ads going through your website. You’re more likely to get sales when you have a unique selling proposition.

Step no.3,

Create a fantastic user experience. Not just on your eCommerce website but also on the physical ground. You need to make sure it’s an amazing experience for your clients especially the first ones. So, you need to take care of

·        the design of the product,

·        the shipping time,

·        the packaging.


All of this will help generate more sales. 

Example: Lynks, where you can shop from thousands of online stores, receive purchases at your home address in time, pay in Egyptian Pounds.

Step no.4,

Pick one traffic source. If you’re new to eCommerce, you should start off with Facebook Ads because of its low-cost relative to other channels. It also tends to convert really well for Shopify stores selling one or two products only. Then, you can expand into Google Ads and other channels.

Step no.5,

Maximize your value per visitor.

There are simple ways to maximize your traffic. You can collect E-mail addresses using tools like “Hello Bar” when people are about to leave your website. You can also use push notifications using tools like “” to get customers back if they checked your website and didn’t buy.

Step no.6,

Maximize your average order value.

You can do that by doing things like

–       Bundles

–       Free shipping

Bundles will maximize your average order value size by making a set of products that will be sold together.

Free shipping. It will maximize your average order value size for sure. It won’t cost you a penny! because you can always increase your products’ cost slightly to cover the shipping fees.

Step no.7,

Use technology to make your eCommerce store work better.

There’re tools out there for any eCommerce platform you’re using. You can always use the technology on your side and to make your job easier. Live chat is what I’m talking about! you can use it on your eCommerce website to make people communicate with you. So that way you can maximize your sales and at the same time, maintain a happy customer.

You can always use Shopify plugins to know more about those tools and how to use them.