What is Graphic Design & How??

What is Graphic Design?

The word comes from Latin graphicus “picturesque,” from Greek graphikos “of or for writing, belonging to drawing, picturesque,” from graphe “writing, drawing,” The history of graphic design stretches so far back that it encompasses the entire history of art. So it is means  create, inspire, teach, persuade,inform entertain, enhance or change, Graphic design is simply the art of creating graphics; or producing visuals on a surface. This can be done on canvas, stone, pottery, or — perhaps most commonly recognized today — on a computer screen.

Therefore, we can say that the first graphic designer was the cave man, and after him the makers of civilization such as the pharaohs who delivered their messages and an overview of their lives in the first newspaper and the first summary of the visual form of the life of a human being who preceded us

This task was carried out by the cave man for himself and the Pharaohs always relied on the painters to write down everything that is going on and from them he reached us with important information about the environment and their way of living. There is a war between art and graphics. Art is a perception in which viewpoints can be believed, but graphics are the communication of an idea that cannot be mistaken This is a card, here is a number. This is information, no more. We cannot believe, for example, that this number is an idea. It means a number only and nothing else.

The calligraphy is the first way for Graphic Design to communicate with humans, and shapes rolled with the progress of inventions, and personal cards, newspapers and magazines, and then until now, the idea of ​​communicating information visually is Graphic Design.

HOW you make it?

What are the ways to help communicate your idea? A flyer, advertisement, card, banner, banner, or even a sketch and
It is a science that has rules. As we agreed. It is a type of art, not art, in which there are different points of view. Rules that emphasize meaning, such as contrast, alignment, surveying sciences, and the influence of negative and positive space.  There are ways to influence the recipient’s mind to get them to read the important things first and that’s what we’ll explore next time Influencing the minds I think this will be interesting